Ikajuqtigiit Society

to promote and revitalize Inuktut

Ikajuqtigiit is a society with Inuktut language promotion and revitilization goals, located in the Qitirmiut region of Nunavut. Most of its language projects focus on the needs of the Nattilingmiut dialect of Inuktut.

support Nattilingmiutut dialect

Assisting Miriam Agluqqaq (right) in her life's work of collecting Nattilingmiutut vocabulary and publishing this ongoing dictionary

support Nattilingmiutut culture

 recording and producing CD traditional Nattilingmiutut chant songs

providing digital tools

With elders input, creating additional syllabics so that the written language has a separate symbol for each sound. Publications have been created using these additional syllabics. They can be seen in the SHOP section of Hadlari Consulting.

Keyboard stickers and Inuktut keyboard

Providing  Inuktut (Nattilik), unicode keyboards that can be installed on  PC or Apple to input all Nattilingmiutut sounds.

Keyboard stickers are also available.

Publishing in Nattilingmiutut and other Inuktut dialects

Providing a special version of Euphemia CAS that contains all the syllabics necessary to publish in Nattilingmiutut. Contact Hadlari Consulting for these publishing and computer tools.