Welcome/ Tunngahugutti

We offer a variety of Inuit language and cultural services, as well as arts training and consulting . Take a look through our site and get an idea of what we can offer. 

Ikajuqtigiit Publishing

Nattilingmiut Pihiit / Songs from the Nattilingmiut

Nauk (available in Inuinnaqtun or Nattilingmiutut)

Nattilingmiutut Syllabic Chart

Uvva/ Here It Is

Inuit language children's book

Humik Takuvit/ What Do You See?

Inuktitut syllabics, Inuktut Roman orthography

An Arctic Puzzle: activity book

Playing cards

playing cards

A categories card game

Nattilingmiutut dictionary

Site Content

Introductory language manuals in Inuinnaqtun and Nattilingmiutut  dialects.

older Nattilingmiutut terminology

A collecton of older Nattilingmiutut terminology seldom heard anymore collected from elders

Inuktitutkeyboard stickers

font and keyboard stickers for Inuktitut syllabics (including  the extra Nattilingmiutut sounds)

 The keyboard files, stickers and maps are available for computers, and the syllabic keyboard functions differently on  an Apple or a PC.

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