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Ikajuqtigiit Publishing

CD- Nattilingmiut Pihiit


 ISBN 978-0-9950126-0-8

Nattilingmiut Pihiit 

This  CD contains 15 Nattilingmiut chant songs sung by elders, Miriam  Aglukkaq and Bernadette Uttaq. 

Humik Takuvit


 ISBN 978-0-9864997-9-1  

This children’s language pattern book follows the publication, Uvva and Nauk, modeling a simple Inuit language pattern with the goal of teaching some vocabulary and grammar through repetition and anticipation. The book features a grandfather and a grandchild traveling on the land and identifying various arctic animals and birds. 



 ISBN 978-0-9864997-4-6 

There is an audio CD to accompany this children’s book. The book is intended to model basic Inuit language patterns and to teach young children some vocabulary through repetition and anticipation. Written in Inuktitut syllabics and Roman orthography. (Nattilingmiutut dialelect) 22.pgs.



 Nauk /Inuinnaqtun ISBN 978-0-9864997-5-3 

This book has the same illustrations and story as Nauk (Nattilingmiutut). It also has an audio CD and is intended to model basic Inuit language patterns and to teach young children some vocabulary through repetition and anticipation. Written in Roman orthography, using the Inuinnaqtun dialect.

22 pgs. 




This book book is intended to model a very simple Inuit language pattern and to teach young children some vocabulary through repetition and anticipation. It features 12 speaking arctic animals who learning simple vocabulary. Written in Inuktitut syllabics and Roman orthography. (Nattilingmiutut dialect)

26 pages 

ukiuqtaqtumi iviqtitaatut hanalugu iniqtirialik /An Arctic Puzzle


An Arctic Puzzle   ISBN 978-0-9950126-1-5  

This 40 page activity book is designed to develop an understanding of the sound equivalencies in the Inuktut standardized dual writing system. Each page spread focuses on one Inuktut sound (phoneme). 

The roman alphabet letters and corresponding syllabic symbol for one sound are hidden in each drawing. The exercises demonstrate that changing the writing system does not change the pronunciation, meaning, or dialect of the word. 

written in Nattilingmiutut dialect 

inikšai’nut aviqturlugit/Categories Game


 ISBN 978-0-9864997-8-4

  This card game was developed to help Inuit language learners practice speaking. Players will be both asking each other questions and answering using the appropriate vocabulary and word endings in the Inuit language. 

The goal of the game is for each player to get complete sets of the three categories. The player with the most sets wins the game.

Each category has four items in four different colors. Included in the package is an instruction manual that explains the rules of the game, with lots of examples, pictures and sample questions for the players to refer to. 

Because the cards do not have words on them, the game can be played in any dialect of the Inuit language; the basic language patterns described in the instruction booklet being the same throughout the Inuit language. (The instructions are written in Nattilingmiutut  but can be adapted to any dialect.)

Each package includes 48 playing cards, sample question cards, and an instruction booklet. 

piannak /playing cards


 ISBN 978-0-9864997-6-0 

This deck of 52 playing cards has the numbers two to ten written in both Inuktitut syllabics and Roman orthography. There are four suits: 

kamik  iglu   ulu      inukšuk

 boot   igloo  knife  inukshuk

The face cards are:

nattiq  qugřuk   umingmak  avinngaq

    seal       swan        muskox     lemming  

(J )         ( Q )            ( K )          ( A )

There are many children’s card games that can be played with this deck of 52 cards. Enjoy using the Inuit language while playing with students, family and friends.     

Inuit Uqauhingit: Nattilingmiutut


This manual is currently being revised.


This is an Inuit language, introductory course in Nattilingmiutut, outlining some basic language patterns and introducing the construction method of Inuit language words,  and  "sentence words". 

Upon completing this course, the language learner might have developed better strategies for listening for understanding, and for knowing what sorts of questions to ask in continuing to learn the language. 

Iguaqšuqti: Nattilingmiutut Kitqikhautit


This dictionary is currently under construction.

 It contains an extensive collection of Nattilingmiutut terminology collected over many years by Miriam Aglukkaq. With the assistance of the Ikajuqtigiit  Society  and the team members of Attima Hadlari, Elisabeth Jansen-Hadlari and Janet McGrath, her collection was the  base on which this dictionary was, and still is being built.



This is a collection of older termininology that is  not heard much anymore, collected from  Nattilingmiutut elders living in the Qitirmiut region of Nunavut, Canada.